Momentfeed – Investor Presentation

Project Description
Founded by Rob Reed in 2010, he set out to address the convergence of social, mobile and local marketing. Anticipating the difficulty traditional marketers would encounter in adapting to the shift in consumer expectations, Rob developed a revolutionary product designed to enable corporate marketing to reach the masses through social media. He realized early on that the enterprise was failing at the local level. Large brands were unable to communicate and even be seen in the digital landscape.

“Allen helped MomentFeed develop our Series B venture pitch. While we had a strong narrative, we did not have the visuals to simply communicate the power and magnitude of our opportunity. We set a tall order for Allen and he absolutely killed it. The imagery is now being used in many of our sales materials.”


Robert Blatt – CEO of Momentfeed

Project Details

October 29, 2015


Design, Infographics, Presentations